Monday, May 30, 2011

kismet needs your help

kismet needs your help!
kismet is wet, soggy and sad after last week's flood. Though things from the street look fine, we are continuing to struggle with the aftermath of the flood. We have spent the last three days clearing the debris, assessing the loss, and managing the stress of lost business on this holiday weekend. I am sad to report that we lost all of our prized inventory, several key pieces of equipment, as well as electricity, gas, and power. It was only 6 months ago that we moved into this location, and have only just begun to recover from the debts of the move. This disaster has come at a particularly terrible time; it has been difficult to get the help and support that we need on a weekend holiday, we continue to lack power, hot water and cooking fuel. Unfortunately our insurance does not cover much of the damage.

What we need:
to re-open we will need $25,000 to replace our inventory, repair our gas and electric, and pay for staffing to prep our menu
$30,000 to repair our basement and walk in cooler/freezer, replace our ice machine, beer cooler, water filtration systems, and storage areas
morale! we need folks to send us words of encouragement! It has been a really hard weekend and we are all pretty low...
If you could share this with as many people as possible, it would help a lot-
thanks so much-

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