Tuesday, March 09, 2010

hello! we're back!

after taking a little vacation in Montreal- we're back in montpelier, ready and inspired and open for spring..
It's been warm, and we have wedding menus stacked in the office, and kismet expansion plans scattered along with 2009 taxes piled in the corner- and yet, it feels like the ice is breaking and everything is being put into place and the energy is here to get it all organized..

BIG THANKS to Three Penny Taproom for running Kismet while we were gone (and thanks to them i have a week's worth of chorizo in my fridge!!)- it felt really good to know that kismet was being enjoyed by others, and that the space was being used in a creative way..
upon return, I was greeted with the Seven Days article about our upcoming plans, and reminded how quickly time will go by between now and june!!

this week also gives us local tomatoes, local spinach and salad greens, and lots and lots of bright sunlight in the Kismet Dining room.
We are also beginning a new art show by Lisa Mase and Sandra Lory- a collection of collage (by lisa) and photos of cacao (amungst other things) from Sandra (she recently returned from a cacao farm in mexico)- the art is bright and alive in our newly repainted space...


Thursday, March 04, 2010

punk rock brunch

Guess what?
Three Penny Taproom
Does Punk
Rock Brunch
At kismet

sunday 3.7.10

9am to 2pm

kismet gals needed a little vaca- so we asked our friends at THREE PENNY TAPROOM to take kismet over for a day so we could head north-- & they said YES!

the menu:

raider nation brunch located at kismet

to quench the palette


cast-iron coffee “we’ll make it something a cowboy would drink for 3 extra bucks”

house made decaf tea ”herbs and fruit with a touch of spices”

O.J. “and no were not squeezing it”

bloody mary “if you really need it.”

dieu du ciel peche mortel stout

who drinks water?

to fill the belly

st. ambroise oatmeal stout and steel cut oats

romesco plate “veggies how we cook them served with traditional romesco” contains nuts….

green salad with poached egg “is there any better dressing”

patatas bravas “just think of braveheart”

house made chorizo con juevos

tortilla espanola “kind of resembles an omelet but better”

local piggy hash and two very sunny eggs

still want to play

tequila “we recommend with all meals”


chorizo “hog intestine stuffed with local pork”

patatas bravas

old bread


dieu du ciel aphrodite stout