Tuesday, December 31, 2013


we're spending the last day of the year preparing for the first meals of the new year!!

please join us for the 

january 1, 2014

(& it's our birthday too!! we're going into our 8th year!)

mimosas & bloody mary specials
rejuvenating fresh juices

BENEDICTS (our favorite)
(vegan versions available!)

portuguese fishcake 16
Potato & poached cod, topped with eggs & hollandaise.  
Served with salad.

florentine 14
Spinach, chèvre & dill on seeded baguette. 
Topped with eggs & hollandaise & served with roots.

crepe 14
Buckwheat crepe filled with ham & sharp cheddar. 
Topped with eggs & hollandaise, served with roots.

crab 16
Toasted brioche, seared tomato, seared tomato.
Topped with eggs & hollandaise, served with roots.

steak & egg frites 19
Seared New York strip, poached eggs, hollandaise, served with fries.

……& our other favorites….

biscuits & gravy 10
Choice of tempeh, our own lamb chorizo, or house pork sausage.

huevos rancheros 14
Polenta cake topped with eggs, enchilada sauce and sour cream.  
Plated with black beans, spiced cheddar potatoes, salsa and hot sauce.

portuguese baked eggs 14
Sofrito, baked with 2 soft eggs, ricotta, romano and cheddar. Served with toast.  
With lamb chorizo … 16

grain and vegetable platter 12
Add eggs, tofu, chicken, or tempeh, cheddar, chèvre or feta… 3 

pork & cheddar hash 13
Potatoes topped with cider & rum braised pork, cheddar & 2 eggs

french toast 12

Portuguese sweet bread, cranberry compote, fresh ricotta, maple syrup.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


When we walk in this door, we leave everything but the most important parts of ourselves behind; our dented cars, dirty dishes, idle projects and disappointments- 
 We enter to sounds of crashing pans and a mad jangle of silverware, breaking glassware, and layers of background rumbling. ..
& we set our mise to the sounds of unanswered cell phone alarms, text signals, ringing, and beeps from all directions- door chimes, machine parts busting, 
and all sorts of semi vocal signals from co-staff and the computer system & guests alike. 
 While the delivery drivers, producers and wine reps stand silent on the stairs holding the myriad assortment of the day's perishables,
 roasted bacon, fried eggs, toasted seeds and yeasted bread further fill the space that has become our dreamtime...
here-  in the midst of orchestrated transformational chaos, we collectively aim to synchronize, create and unify;  to have time for reflection, even just a moment of self witness, and the opportunity to honestly surrender.


in the midst; rhode island calamari arrives and is lovingly handled and gracefully transformed over fire- three, four, five sets of hands gently work this process forward-
flames. olive brine. cured lemon. braised garlic. and then a finesse- as the dish is passed on.
in the corner confectionary; egg whites whipped for 15 minutes to form the lightness that becomes meringue- while discussing quince syrup and crumb topping.  lemon zest piled on the counter, fresh thyme soaking in sparkling rose, macerated black berries.
on the counter: grilled peaches, atlantic octopus, kitchen renovation floor plans
& in the back ground;  miguel perfecting cast iron fried eggs. 

in just a few moments we will open, 
and over the course of four days we will serve over 700 meals.

check out our current menus here

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Really delicious & really happy

Even though the wind still smells of woodsmoke and has an uncomfortable arctic feel to it, spring is here and blossoming abundantly. Each day, I've woken to birds and blue skies and to-do lists that involve summer menu planning, setting seeds, and visits to the woods to hunt and gather.
There are only so many hours in the day, and as those of you who know kismet well, know that I have had my hands full and my schedule over booked with the many tasks if running the restaurant and garden on my own.  Over the last 6 months, however, evolution has brought a certain number of changes that have greatly nourished our kismet, and I'm pretty excited about this new season and new energy kismet is experiencing! For the first time since the floods, I feel like kismet has a better and surer sense of itself, and is really and truly recovering from the disasters of 2011.  We have new faces collaborating in the kitchen, and new leadership in the dining room.  New menus are focusing more than ever on the Mediterranean influences of my own palate, with all of the healing and nourishing qualities we have strived for years to deliver.  Jules, Charles, Genevieve, &Miguel have been incredible, and even after only 2 weeks of working together, I feel that I have a team that inspires & directs each other through the kind of manifestation and excellence we all desire.  It feels easy all of a sudden, and delicious- REALLY DELICIOUS!
Things are taking shape in the dining room as well; Damian recently installed the new mirrors & glass rack, lighting is being put in place, and Art has graciously amended and updated our window & menu graphics!
In the front of the house, my friend & completely competent business buddy, Melissa, has chosen to take on a front of the house & bar overhaul.  I can't tell you how incredible it is to have her here working with us! It's like after years of single parenting being given a super nanny!! She's amazing, has a phenomenal palate, has wine and beer expertise,  AND shares a love and devotion to kismet that is felt through the entire staff.
Each day, we all do our best to stay focused, meet our goals, find & appreciate inspiration, and stay connected to what is important to us.  Doubt creeps in from time to time, there are the unsavory surprises, and there are lists that get longer no matter how hard you try.  But, tonight at staff meeting (pre dinner, as we call it), I had tears in my eyes as we tasted the new menu items & talked about tonight's service- not the kind of tears that come from total exhaustion and relentless fear- happy tears. REALLY HAPPY tears..

Friday, March 22, 2013

spring news xoxo


This year's Vermont Restaurant Week is April 26- May 6.  During Restaurant week, Kismet will be offering daily $10 lunch specials,  a $35 three course dinner tasting menu,
 and a one night only five course tasting menu with wine pairings on April 27th, 2013!

On April 27,  at 6:00 p.m, join us for an evening with Artisanal Cellars and winemaker Matteo Giustiniani.   Kismet Chef-Owner Crystal Maderia will present a menu that both incorporates and is paired with a selection of Villa Sardi wines in a casual and creative dinner.
This 5-course dinner is prix-fixe ($70 per person, tax not included) and by reservation only. Limited to 10 guests.
Call 802-233-8646 for details and to place a reservation.
Thanks, and we hope to see you there! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

dear winter..

snow gently settles at my front door each night when i arrive home; i am happy, because i know that the sap will flow longer this way-- but i am so eager for spring at the same time...

Dear  Winter:
    thank you
    you mean so much to me
    it's time for us to say goodbye.
    Take your time,
    do what needs to be done
    so the sap may run long and fast
    and be plenty.
    I promise to embrace you 9 months from now
    when you arrive again.


Monday, March 04, 2013

roche-mere wine event

March 4, 2013


Montpelier, Vermont
This coming Tuesday March 12th, Vermont Wine Merchants, in collaboration with Kismet restaurant, are hosting a unique event, showcasing the organic and/or biodynamic wines of Roche-meré.  

The two part event begins with a free and open-to-the-public tasting from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., to be followed by a reservation only wine dinner at 6:30 pm.  
That evening, Chef-Owner Crystal Maderia will present a five-course prix-fixe menu that both incorporates and is paired with choice wines, hand-selected by Roche-meré.  Maderia's unique approach is inspired by the intention to highlight the absolute enjoyment of each individual wine through both a culinary perspective and a casual dining experience. 

Both the daytime tasting and the pairing dinner will specifically showcase the organic and/or biodynamic wines of Roche-meré Wine Selections.  Roche-meré is an importer/distributer based out of Bordeaux, France, owned and run by Theo Mellion and Michael Affato, collectively boasting over 20 years of experience.  Roche-meré hand-selects and imports deep, complex reds and whites that express specific typicity and origin, which stimulate the intellect of the experienced wine collector, but also give less experienced wine lovers wonderful discoveries, creating new-found passions.  

Vermont Wine Merchants is the sole Vermont distributer of Roche-meré Wine Selections, and will be co-hosting this event.  
Kismet is a unique ‘Farm-to-Table’ dining & flavor experience, founded in 2006, expanding to its current location in downtown Montpelier in 2010.

Wine tasting: Noon to 3pm52 State Street, MontpelierfreeFive-course wine dinner: 6:30pm, 52 State Street, Montpelier, Reservations required. $65 per person (cash only)  (tax not included)

Contact: Ted Pearcy; (802)223-8646; tedkismet@yahoo.com

Kismet is located at 52 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05602, and on the web at kismetkitchens.com
Phone: (802)223-8646
Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 8-2 & 5-9. Sunday, 9-2

Friday, March 01, 2013

early spring

you can laugh at me if you want to
tease me
and tell me that spring is still months away

i know that I'm right.
i can feel it
the snow is wetter, and underneath
the crusty soil, deep in the ground
the roots are drinking 
and behind the dark, hardened bark
the sap is flowing.

the roots are getting sweet
the limbs are getting supple
and the light is getting longer.

so maybe the tulips arent shooting out of the ground
that's ok with me-- 
i like to know that the bees are awake
revived and ready when that happens.

but soon

I can taste it,
I promise

early spring menu:

smallish plates:
regional oysters 
Raw  or  Rockefeller 
poached chicken liver compound butter 8
sparkling pinot noir jelly

mock calamari 8
fried oyster mushrooms & house remoulade.

baked caprese 9
red wine, basil,  mapplebrook mozzarella 

carpaccio 14
capers, pickled onion, horseradish, lemon, olive oil & herbs . choice of beef or vegetarian

 house charcuterie & cheese 9
duck speck, fresh ricotta, thyme honey & fig jam

mussels 7
jacob’s cattle beans, garlic, white wine, parsley

portuguese fish cake 8
potato & poached hake, drizzle hollandaise, micro greens 
fried goat cheese & roasted beats 8
french lentils, watercress, vinaigrette 
kale caesar 7
garlic croutons  
mixed organic greens 9

* chevre *feta *blue cheese  3
*bacon  3  *chicken  4  *smoked fish  4

moroccan carrot soup 6
 pistou garnish

larger plates

en cotte 
regional assortment of fresh & house smoked seafood 
(or vegetarian) baked in white wine & saffron cream, 
with tomato, capers, potato & scallions

poached scallops
black lentils, pinot gris, watercress

brined & roasted quail
riesling stuffing, glazed carrots & parsnips

dog river spinach malfatti
spinach dumplings,  alpine cheese 
poached egg $2.50

grain & vegetable platter 
choice of grilled chicken, tofu or tempeh.

roast lamb roulade
boiled potato salad, fresh mint, sea salt

crusted pork chop
  honey polenta, maple drizzle. glazed peas.

brisket style smoked fillet
pot roasted cabbage & carrots, ripasso drippings & puff pastry

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

really important

it's almost nearly, and very much possibly, getting closer to spring.

standing in a room-
part dining room, part opera, part kitchen;
my heart broke open;
not unlike the shell of a seed.

thank you
for being here,
for sharing this
cave of darkness with me;
but it's time
we venture out


Monday, February 11, 2013


because i love you, 
I want you to be strong  & to feel your strengths, while also hope for you to be humble enough to know how to play,  try new things, and unafraid to ask lots of questions.

because I love you, I want you to  taste, and indulge  in things that are fresh,  to crave what is sweet & savory,  and to be nourished by the simple things.


to share: 
our own ricotta & duck speck
fig honey, fresh thyme, salt 

bread & butter
poached liver compound butter, 
rose jelly

oyster duo 
smoked & raw

tigers milk  & scallop ceviche 

choose 1:

lobster stew 
scallops, mussels, hake, potatoes, cream

veg puffed pastry

seared duck
  pom molasses, bitter greens, candied nuts

smoked fillet
butter pastry, crisp kale

salted caramel truffles

$45 per person $25 per person wine pairing

Saturday, February 02, 2013

a very special thanks

today we are a little sleep deprived, a little emotional, and a little bit in awe- 
as moses flies across oceans and foreign countries to the other side of the world, 
to land in western Australia by lunch time tomorrow.  
In honor of this incredible adventure, and the individual journeys we have made to get to this very point, moses and I have spent this last week together, outside of the restaurant with friends and family, and with each other in our home.  I feel honored to share this letter that moses left behind.

Friday, January 18, 2013

a slightly less than perfect photo of our new brunch menu..

not a great photo of a really great brunch menu.. you get the idea. xo

Here I am

Just a little note while I'm cleaning up & getting ready for the new menu tomorrow--
for singing along tonight--
For real,
For those who heard, enjoyed & sang along
To the station (that Nicole picked) ;
you guys rocked &
Totally made my night

Staying late in the kitchen -
Scared of the freezing temperatures outside I guess...
Getting a few new recipes ready for the weekend-
Onion & bourbon jam,
Cranberry frappato -
You know...
And all the while,
Thinking of you -
The heat of the wood fire&
& the knowing that the days are getting longer.

I'll be in the kitchen tomorrow if you need me..