Friday, February 27, 2009

closed till march 4!

here's our recent press release:

For immediate release
February 26, 2008
Contact: Crystal Maderia
802 522 3403

Kismet Re-opens After Spring Break
As many know, most restaurants suffer slow sales and profit losses in February, and for those restaurants dependant on local ingredients, February is a cold and bleak month. But many Central Vermonters who have visited Kismet in Montpelier, know that this restaurant has a way of avoiding the odds. Thanks to a dynamic business plan, and a commitment to a sustainable business model, Kismet owners Alanna Dorf and Crystal Maderia have been able to navigate this usually slow season with ease.
Thanks to the diversity of their business, which offers event and wedding catering as well as an in-house menu of locally sourced breakfast, brunch and lunch menu items, February is a time of planning, prosperity, and productivity. As couples around the region plan for their summer weddings, Kismet collects deposits well in advance, and often finds deposit checks rolling in during the winter months. “Unlike other restaurants, our bank account is full in February”, remarks Crystal co-owner and Chef, “this gives us an unusual opportunity to enjoy the slower season and make the most of this time to plan for the upcoming season”.
One of the ways business owners Alanna Dorf and Crystal Maderia make the most of their time is by closing the restaurant doors for all or part of February. This year, the business partners remained open for most of the month due to local customer insistence, closing just the last week of the month. “It’s amazing how much networking I have been able to do”, recounts Crystal, “I am really excited to go into spring having re-connected with local farmers and wild harvesters and having had a chance to really consider all of our options, intentions, and opportunities for this coming year”.
In addition to continuing their search a new larger downtown location, Kismet is planning to build a large patio for outside dining, has applied for a liquor license to serve organic brunch cocktails, has collaborated with several local farms to ensure year-round local produce, and will re-open Wednesday, March 4, with a new Take-Out Dinner menu. To celebrate the re-opening, and in the spirit of spring, Kismet will be offering $2.00 shots of local organic wheatgrass normal restaurant hours Wednesday through Sunday 8am-3pm, and free house-made butter with all take-out dinner orders.
For more information about Kismet, to read the Kismet blog, or to view the online menus, go to Business hours will resume Wednesday March 4. Kismet is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


This weekend, I am offering two specials in honor of my grandmother
(we call her ne-ne), whose funeral i attended this week. My grandmother who lived in Pawcatuck CT near mystic and stonington, is part of a very large italian and portugese family, and many are fisherman, so I knew I could get something fresh. Unfortunately my wee little ne-ne (she was only 4'7" tall), was not known as being a gourmet- so, when I went to my aunt patty's fish shop in westerly, and asked for ne-ne's favorites, I new I was going to have to get creative. I did not leave the fish shop with a few dozen live lobster, I did leave the shop with a dozen stuffed scallops and a pile of finnan haddie. My grandmother loved the stuffed scallops (scallop shells filled with a breadcrumb mixture of shrimp, crab and scallops meat) baked as is, but today's benediction will feature the scallops topped with poached eggs and hollendaise and served with a salad or our classic local roots.

The finnanhaddie is a smoked haddock originally from scotlland, but a classic in many a cream sauce and chowder recipes from my home town. Today I will feature it in an omelette with pea tendrils, tomato, chevre and raw milk cheddar.

i dont really get out of town very often, so even though this trip was sort of last minute and in the midst of other dramas- i did appreciate the opportunity to get to re-unite with my family and.. to see the ocean!