Sunday, May 09, 2010

well then

tonight kismet was robbed and only a few things were taken.. my computer (YIKES!!!), $200 petty cash) and the $ we were raising for the washington county mental health children's garden project...(as well as the whole jar..)

i had to revise the menu anyway, which is how i discovered the computer stolen, so after meeting with montpelier city police, i went to the BLACK DOOR and sat in the office while an 80's cover band sang all of the classic 80's tunes, and re-did our menu.. wish i could show it here, but phil doesnt have internet in his office, so it is in print only (at least we have that for tomorrow...)
after finishing the menu, i drove home aware that the drama of the evening mixed with the coffee i had earlier while in burlington, was not going to allow me to sleep, but could best be used to help me prep for the morning ahead.. so i went home to kismet...
just made pork chorizo (in honor of my mother), scallop cakes (in honor of my grandmother), lamb sausage (in honor of pregnant with twins lindsay), fillet carpaccio (for the montpelier mom's in need of decadence) and prosecco poached salmon... did dishes, came home and swept my floor.... wow.. now it is 3 and brunch starts in 6 hours... dont hate me if i am not beautiful-- love me for being the mom of all of this.. sometimes motherhood means sucking snot from the infant's nose, or staying up all night then having to be nice in the morning, or saying NO or saying YES... i am a mother, and kismet is very much my child.. thank you for sharing her with me...
sleep well (i know you will) and i will see you in the morning (or you will see me first most likely because i am VERY near sighted-just so you know).