Friday, January 18, 2013

a slightly less than perfect photo of our new brunch menu..

not a great photo of a really great brunch menu.. you get the idea. xo

Here I am

Just a little note while I'm cleaning up & getting ready for the new menu tomorrow--
for singing along tonight--
For real,
For those who heard, enjoyed & sang along
To the station (that Nicole picked) ;
you guys rocked &
Totally made my night

Staying late in the kitchen -
Scared of the freezing temperatures outside I guess...
Getting a few new recipes ready for the weekend-
Onion & bourbon jam,
Cranberry frappato -
You know...
And all the while,
Thinking of you -
The heat of the wood fire&
& the knowing that the days are getting longer.

I'll be in the kitchen tomorrow if you need me..