Thursday, March 31, 2011

tonight's special

Well, it is nearly april, and although my calender says it is spring, and most cooking magazines and tv shows are celebrating asparagus and strawberries, the view out of my own window looks bleak. he forecast promises 21 inches of snow tomorrow, and the only fresh local greens ive seen of late is about 20 lbs of spinach and 10 lbs of mixed greens from screaming ridge farm.. Joe says it will be the end of april till we see any radishes or chervil... So, like many other restaurant kitchens, we are doing what we can to force things a bit.
I have gone through all of the potatoes, and picked out the smallest (like the new potatoes i long for in early summer), i did the same with allen lapage's carrots, peeling them down even a little, to get to the brightest and juciest part of the root. we juiced some beets and tossed our barley, so that it turned bright pink like tulip petals, to serve with our trimmed lamb chops, marinated in the new spring fresh goat yogurt. We are offering this special in two sizes..

we have a new dessert menu beginning this month too.. yummy yummy cream puffs with nutmeg cream, an amazinf mexican chocolate layer cake (flourless) and a fantastic rice pudding that we are serving with candied rose petals and red currants.
every thursday we also feature a special wine. Our wine supplier, Rafael, co-owner of Artisanal Cellars, will be supplying us with one special wine each thursday. This week, we will be sampling a little Patience!

Friday, March 04, 2011

march menu

kismet is now open tuesday through sunday. we serve all day tuesday through saturday, 9am-through dinner, sunday brunch 9-2