Sunday, September 27, 2015

how cool is that!?

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a total nerd.  Im psyched to geek out about ANYTHING,   but I especially love to geek out on any & all things related to food- I love growing food,  I love cooking food, I love looking at pictures of food,  and I love talking and teaching people about food!  But, the thing I love the most- the thing I am absolutely CRAZY PASSIONATE about- is EATING REAL FOOD!  Don't get me wrong- I love fried chicken and pork rinds and potato chips too, but food that is fresh and whole has a flavor that cannot be compared to anything else, and honestly, my body just CRAVES IT!  Fresh WHOLE foods are simple and complex at the same time, and are an edible illustration of the earth and the place we live.  Growing food to serve at the restaurant fulfills me in so many ways- (because Hello- have you met me? I'm kind of obsessed...) -  and means that I am filled with the freshest, healthiest, and most flavorful food around- (hey, when I eat this food I feel AWESOME!)   AND that means, when you eat at kismet,  you eat real food too, grown just for you! How cool is that!?

Real food is medicine for our brains and for our bodies, and unfortunately there is not enough real food available to most people.  Food security is a serious and real world problem, and while there may be "food" available, there are very few places to eat real & whole foods.

This season, consider a neighbor, co-worker, friend or family member who may be less food secure than you & purchase them a gift certificate to Kismet-- we'll hook them up & enter their name into our CSA raffle!  This winter, we are the pick up location for the BEAR ROOTS FARM winter CSA & we will be donating 1 winter CSA to a family in need! 

If you are interested in helping others find food security,  make a donation TODAY to the Vermont Food Bank & remember that you are not just helping a family in need, you are helping build the healthy and whole community we all deserve to live in.