Tuesday, February 19, 2013

really important

it's almost nearly, and very much possibly, getting closer to spring.

standing in a room-
part dining room, part opera, part kitchen;
my heart broke open;
not unlike the shell of a seed.

thank you
for being here,
for sharing this
cave of darkness with me;
but it's time
we venture out


Monday, February 11, 2013


because i love you, 
I want you to be strong  & to feel your strengths, while also hope for you to be humble enough to know how to play,  try new things, and unafraid to ask lots of questions.

because I love you, I want you to  taste, and indulge  in things that are fresh,  to crave what is sweet & savory,  and to be nourished by the simple things.


to share: 
our own ricotta & duck speck
fig honey, fresh thyme, salt 

bread & butter
poached liver compound butter, 
rose jelly

oyster duo 
smoked & raw

tigers milk  & scallop ceviche 

choose 1:

lobster stew 
scallops, mussels, hake, potatoes, cream

veg puffed pastry

seared duck
  pom molasses, bitter greens, candied nuts

smoked fillet
butter pastry, crisp kale

salted caramel truffles

$45 per person $25 per person wine pairing

Saturday, February 02, 2013

a very special thanks

today we are a little sleep deprived, a little emotional, and a little bit in awe- 
as moses flies across oceans and foreign countries to the other side of the world, 
to land in western Australia by lunch time tomorrow.  
In honor of this incredible adventure, and the individual journeys we have made to get to this very point, moses and I have spent this last week together, outside of the restaurant with friends and family, and with each other in our home.  I feel honored to share this letter that moses left behind.