Tuesday, May 31, 2011

day five, flood recovery

The last few days have been overwhelming-
Torrential rain fell thursday night overwhelming our storm water drains, roads, and rivers flooding basements and first floors of many downtown businesses and residences. Septic tanks & oil tanks over-flowed, and business as usual halted to a stop.
Friday threatened more storms, roads washed away, and the streets were nearly empty except for a few tourists who wandered around our now dry streets wondering why everything was closed. I arrived at kismet to find our basement completely full to the brim with water, and in addition could hear water spraying into the basement form a burst or severed water pipe. My propane tanks were floating in the back parking lot, and the whole place smelled like oil and gas. Our building manager was away for a family event & holiday weekend, our building owner was in france... Events planned had to be canceled, reservations canceled, and a weekend that should have been one of our busiest of the spring was to be a loss.
Saturday morning we were able to begin to drain most of the water from the basement and assess the damage. Having never seen a flood of this nature, I was overwhelmed immediately with emotion as i looked into what used to be our pantry and prep kitchen to see the ceiling caving in, the shelves toppled over, equipment torn and tossed about, and my complete inventory scattered about an oily, compost and sewage filled room. It looked like we had had an earthquake, fire, and a flood all at once..
With most of our town away on vacation or at home dealing with personal loss or unable to travel due to washed out roads and driveways, Moses, phil and i were joined by just a handful of friends and began the basement recovery. By saturday evening at 8 pm, we had filled 1/3 of a giant dumpster with over $18,000 worth of food inventory.
Sunday morning i was joined by several friends and some employees, and began part 2 of the basement- we carefully sorted through compost, oil, broken glass and soaked paper products to try to salvage glass ware and catering equipment. Dumpster is now 1/2 way full just as julios and vermont trading company begin to empty their basements.
monday, the dumpster is full, our basement is empty. wine celler is empty, plastic food containers are rinsed and put aside to wash when we have hot water. As I drive to burlington to pick up my mom from the airport (she happened to be flying in for a pre-arranged visit that day from portland oregon, and had not been to the new kismet yet), employees began calling regarding un-employment and questioning their job security.. We all gathered to discuss the situation, and make a plan. The Plan, was to make 3 plans. plan A, plan B, and plan C. Plan C being to close the restaurant for good. Plan B is to band-aid the major issues, open this weekend, and use our last bit of working capitol to buy some food to get back in business. plan A (my personal favorite) relies on a great many people, and the support of our community. Plan A keeps us on track with our start-up goals, current bill paying, & allows us to re-open equipped & on track with our existing start-up budget (we are still in start-up mode- it's only been 6 months since we moved...). Plan A means that we would need to raise $25,000 to replace our inventory, repair our gas and electric, and pay for staffing to prep our menu & $30,000 to repair our storage areas, which takes time and requires we have enough on hand to remain closed while that takes place. right now, everything is piled in the dining room-.

woke early and got the kids ready for school, when i dropped them off i told them that i was going to try to raise $25,000 today- fela smiled with eyes so big and said " you can do it mom!".
with my heart nervous, but full of hope, I went straight to my insurance company, where i was told that my very affordable policy would not cover any of the damage or contents. hmmm.. not such a good start.
I called my propane company to ask about my confiscated propane tanks, and was told that my line had been damaged and they might be able to get me hooked up on friday. hmmm...
The basement cleaning seems to be endless- three dumpsters later and a parking lot full of broken equipment and badly soiled msc. restaurant tools, and still no hot water... the times argus arrived to take photos, but due to their own flood over in barre, were about 2 days too late to see the whole story.
clean-up in the basement is going slow. hot water is restored at 5 pm, but the fungacide treatment didnt happen today, so i call volunteers to reschedule wednesday's work-party- the place will be too toxic.

Despite the potential to be distracted by the disappointments & wallow within this situation, i remained determined to stay optimistic, and confident in my efforts. Doubt is a dangerous and delicate dis-ease that is best kept at bay with determination, encouragement and tenderness. Today i was blessed to have been encouraged and touched deeply by the tenderness of this community as people came to visit and tell me how much kismet means to them, as i received donations and emails of encouragement and support, and as i witnessed the passion and devotion of my employees. It is clear now, that my most important job for the next three days is to stay determined and to be honest with myself about the reality of this situation. I feel focused & inspired, but also frightened & frail.

During the day i go to visit ben & meg @ langdon street- they are all closed up and the room is nearly empty- I am happy for them that they have found the readiness and peace in their decision to move into a new cafe-less future and away from their complex and difficult to describe situation. They have worked hard, and came to the decision with much deliberation. I realize when i leave the building previously known as the langdon street cafe that I, on the other hand, have NOT found the readiness to move away from kismet, and would indeed be devastated if i could not re-open the restaurant in full form and readiness to succeed...

After lunch i received a call from one of my larger lenders, they agreed to give me 2 months off from loan payments, and an additional $9,000 loan tacked on to the one i currently have. Then, I get a call from my insurance adjuster- looks like there might be a small clause in my policy- looks like i can get $10,000 because i have a sump pump and it "failed" to get all of the water out of the basement! (both the adjuster & i cried when she told me).
So today, the end of day five, we have raised $23,275 in loans/donations/support/insurance.. not bad!- & pretty close to my goal (it is still tuesday somewhere!)-

Can we do it? $31,025 to go...

tomorrow: DAY 6
-plan a fundraiser for kismet for saturday june 4th

better get some sleep

if you would like to make a donation, go to our website and use our new paypal device. we will not use the funds donated unless we come within a reach of our goal.

Monday, May 30, 2011

kismet needs your help

kismet needs your help!
kismet is wet, soggy and sad after last week's flood. Though things from the street look fine, we are continuing to struggle with the aftermath of the flood. We have spent the last three days clearing the debris, assessing the loss, and managing the stress of lost business on this holiday weekend. I am sad to report that we lost all of our prized inventory, several key pieces of equipment, as well as electricity, gas, and power. It was only 6 months ago that we moved into this location, and have only just begun to recover from the debts of the move. This disaster has come at a particularly terrible time; it has been difficult to get the help and support that we need on a weekend holiday, we continue to lack power, hot water and cooking fuel. Unfortunately our insurance does not cover much of the damage.

What we need:
to re-open we will need $25,000 to replace our inventory, repair our gas and electric, and pay for staffing to prep our menu
$30,000 to repair our basement and walk in cooler/freezer, replace our ice machine, beer cooler, water filtration systems, and storage areas
morale! we need folks to send us words of encouragement! It has been a really hard weekend and we are all pretty low...
If you could share this with as many people as possible, it would help a lot-
thanks so much-

To Donate please visit our website at www.kismetkitchens.com

Friday, May 27, 2011


-our secret basement lagoon

after a long day, i sat on my back porch, and listened to the sheets of rain, bouncing hail, and cracks of thunder and lightning. I sat thinking of all of the storms i have been witness to, stories i have told to my friends and children. I thought about storms I have heard about in stories- life changing storms- monumental storms & storms that were the back drop of monumental moments. I watched the way the trees moved, felt the air, and wondered about this storm- was THIS STORM becoming a story i would talk about in the future?
I thought about the little plants and seeds growing helplessly in soggy fields, little salad greens being pelted and pounded into the earth- i thought about flooded fields that still have not yet been planted- and i thought about kismet, and how much we depend on the seasons and the fields and the farmers and fair weather- and how important it is for each part to be in harmony, (which has been difficult this year), i worry about our efforts and if our community can survive the economy of this environment-
it wasnt until after midnight that i began to contemplate kismet's vulnerable location near our swollen and swelling river- ofcourse we would flood, but i wasnt sure how bad it would be, i mean, there was a tornedo not far from here, parts of streets were being swept away, and the ground was already water logged- but this is our first spring in our new location, and our neighbors seemed confident....hmm..

today is a sad day for kismet-
there are several burst pipes, and our propane had to be taken away, so we will not have hot water, a walk in, or cooking fuel for a while- then we have to clean and replace all of our food and some equipment- all of which feels so huge considering that we JUST did that about 6 months ago, and that our insurance does not cover much of it...

this business is just so extreme- one moment we are celebrating tiny purple edible flowers tossed in baby salad greens, the birth of a set of twin highland beef cattle, and the beginning of mushroom & trout season; and the next we are mourning the loss of local businesses, barn collapses or floods & other devastating weather that has the potential to completely change our local economy.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

farmer's market day specials

it rained all night, and as i woke here and there between midnight and 6:30, i wondered how wide the river was flowing, how many more weeks until fields would be dry enough to plow and plant, and if kismet was in danger of flooding.
when 7 am rolled around, the rain was easing off and i could see that sun was willing it's way through the clouds-perfect mushroom weather
though the farmer's market is exactly BOOMING, it is always a joy to see the familiar faces of the farmers, and to check out the new booths of the year. Allen brought me mushrooms, and i grabbed some bundles of fresh oregano and mint- along with stacks of salad turnips (one of my favorites), and made my way to the back door of the kitchen. It's nice being so close to the market, i missed it for years- and feel like we are now almost part of it!
to celebrate, we will be offering $4.75 mimosas and $7.00 bloody marys every saturday!

join us- (we dont mind if you grab a sunji dumpling or slice of market pizza before you head over- (either go well with mimosa's and bloody marys)

Friday, May 13, 2011

current brunch and dinner menus xxoo


sunday brunch


ahh.. the seasons are changing and so are we-
just 6 months here at our new location, we are really only beginning to settle in. Spring seems to have taken FOREVER to get going, and as usual, our menus are completely dependent on the local growing season. we have been happy to see lots of fiddleheads (which we pickle and saute, and prepare in all sorts of ways), ramps, mushrooms, and fresh dairy. Unfortunately, most of the farmers we work with have had a very long winter and difficult start to the season. Feilds have been wet, and the gas prices are souring. As you may have heard, pete's greens, as well as several other farms lost their barns this year, along with much of their seeds, storage crops, and tools. Thankfully, pete's has been able to rebuild their barn, and are boasting full green houses and some of the best looking greens and vegetables we have seen yet this year (cucumbers already!). On the other hand, most of our other farmers are unable to keep up with our growing demand, and in a recent conversation with one of our local distributors, was told that the most "local" salad they could source for us was from new york... hmm.. then, we were told that one of our favorite micro greens growers will be ending their business just as the season gets going.. Our fish monger, get fresh fish, who has been providing us with certified sustainable regional seafood also closed their doors this week.. hmmm.. looks like it's time to get creative- and we will, don't worry- thankfully, kismet has had lots of experience with this sort of situation, and has many friends who help us stay connected to the new and delectable in our local area.

hope you are all enjoying the spring weather, you deserve it! & maybe we'll see you soon!