Saturday, May 21, 2011

farmer's market day specials

it rained all night, and as i woke here and there between midnight and 6:30, i wondered how wide the river was flowing, how many more weeks until fields would be dry enough to plow and plant, and if kismet was in danger of flooding.
when 7 am rolled around, the rain was easing off and i could see that sun was willing it's way through the clouds-perfect mushroom weather
though the farmer's market is exactly BOOMING, it is always a joy to see the familiar faces of the farmers, and to check out the new booths of the year. Allen brought me mushrooms, and i grabbed some bundles of fresh oregano and mint- along with stacks of salad turnips (one of my favorites), and made my way to the back door of the kitchen. It's nice being so close to the market, i missed it for years- and feel like we are now almost part of it!
to celebrate, we will be offering $4.75 mimosas and $7.00 bloody marys every saturday!

join us- (we dont mind if you grab a sunji dumpling or slice of market pizza before you head over- (either go well with mimosa's and bloody marys)