Friday, May 27, 2011


-our secret basement lagoon

after a long day, i sat on my back porch, and listened to the sheets of rain, bouncing hail, and cracks of thunder and lightning. I sat thinking of all of the storms i have been witness to, stories i have told to my friends and children. I thought about storms I have heard about in stories- life changing storms- monumental storms & storms that were the back drop of monumental moments. I watched the way the trees moved, felt the air, and wondered about this storm- was THIS STORM becoming a story i would talk about in the future?
I thought about the little plants and seeds growing helplessly in soggy fields, little salad greens being pelted and pounded into the earth- i thought about flooded fields that still have not yet been planted- and i thought about kismet, and how much we depend on the seasons and the fields and the farmers and fair weather- and how important it is for each part to be in harmony, (which has been difficult this year), i worry about our efforts and if our community can survive the economy of this environment-
it wasnt until after midnight that i began to contemplate kismet's vulnerable location near our swollen and swelling river- ofcourse we would flood, but i wasnt sure how bad it would be, i mean, there was a tornedo not far from here, parts of streets were being swept away, and the ground was already water logged- but this is our first spring in our new location, and our neighbors seemed confident....hmm..

today is a sad day for kismet-
there are several burst pipes, and our propane had to be taken away, so we will not have hot water, a walk in, or cooking fuel for a while- then we have to clean and replace all of our food and some equipment- all of which feels so huge considering that we JUST did that about 6 months ago, and that our insurance does not cover much of it...

this business is just so extreme- one moment we are celebrating tiny purple edible flowers tossed in baby salad greens, the birth of a set of twin highland beef cattle, and the beginning of mushroom & trout season; and the next we are mourning the loss of local businesses, barn collapses or floods & other devastating weather that has the potential to completely change our local economy.