Friday, May 13, 2011

current brunch and dinner menus xxoo


sunday brunch


ahh.. the seasons are changing and so are we-
just 6 months here at our new location, we are really only beginning to settle in. Spring seems to have taken FOREVER to get going, and as usual, our menus are completely dependent on the local growing season. we have been happy to see lots of fiddleheads (which we pickle and saute, and prepare in all sorts of ways), ramps, mushrooms, and fresh dairy. Unfortunately, most of the farmers we work with have had a very long winter and difficult start to the season. Feilds have been wet, and the gas prices are souring. As you may have heard, pete's greens, as well as several other farms lost their barns this year, along with much of their seeds, storage crops, and tools. Thankfully, pete's has been able to rebuild their barn, and are boasting full green houses and some of the best looking greens and vegetables we have seen yet this year (cucumbers already!). On the other hand, most of our other farmers are unable to keep up with our growing demand, and in a recent conversation with one of our local distributors, was told that the most "local" salad they could source for us was from new york... hmm.. then, we were told that one of our favorite micro greens growers will be ending their business just as the season gets going.. Our fish monger, get fresh fish, who has been providing us with certified sustainable regional seafood also closed their doors this week.. hmmm.. looks like it's time to get creative- and we will, don't worry- thankfully, kismet has had lots of experience with this sort of situation, and has many friends who help us stay connected to the new and delectable in our local area.

hope you are all enjoying the spring weather, you deserve it! & maybe we'll see you soon!