Thursday, September 14, 2006

loan application results

3:00 pm, on my knees kneeling before my family alter,
holding jade and repeating my mantra;
"I am birthing myself right now.
held by the loving arms of my family,
I am supported."
I closed my eyes to concentrate on my goal-
prosperity, creativity, health, harmony, satisfaction.
I squeezed my eyes and sent whispers to my inevitable fate-
"I have room for success",
I whispered, and just like that, the phone rang...(actually, BOTH of my phones rang..)
At first I was so overwhelmed; all of this time waiting and hoping for a yes or no- something simple and clear, something profoundly obvious, and yet what I got was so different.

"Congratulations", Chris Rotler of Community Capital of Vermont said, but I wasn't sure what I was celebrating.
When Alanna and I began creating Kismet, we were very clear about our lack of resources. Alanna and I both have two children each and very limited incomes. Alanna has been the sole provider for her children, and my partner and I have been students up until this last year. Neither of us have ever applied for a loan, nor do we own anything significant. We have minor savings and neither of us has had a full-time job (besides parenting) for many years. Our families have been supporting us each in a number of ways for some time, so when we looked into financial resources, we decided not to ask too much of our families. This would be our own thing, OUR debt, OUR own risk.
So when Chris said that the committee is going to grant us $42,500 if we can get a co-signer to back 1/2 of it, I was excited (we were approved...well, sort of), then flooded with emotion.
I hung up the phone annoyed and frustrated, and went to tell Damian the "news".
"This is exactly what I didn't want," I told him, "I wanted a yes or no..."

In a fit of spontaneity and deep desire to own a restaurant, I went immediately to the phone and dialed my parents. Something a rarely do, emergency or not.
Unexpectedly dad was home (strange..) answered, and as soon as I told him the "news" he offered to co-sign. "Send me the papers." he said.
Deep breath.
An hour passes.

Get the laundry..
Go to the co-op.
Drink Prosecco.

Alanna calls (we agreed for me not to tell anyone until I told her- she was at a catering job), and I tell her the news...
Wow..its all starting to settle in...
we're going to open a restaurant this year..
well in November, actually...
Six weeks..
thanks mom and dad...
(my parents)

(and thank you Community Capital of Vermont!)

in the name of all things meant to be Kismet is born!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What is Kismet?

It's 11:50 pm, September 13, and perhaps the last night We'll go to bed waiting to know what Kismet is.

At 1 pm tomorrow afternoon,
the community capital of vermont will review our loan application.

We are spending these last few hours
focusing on our namesake because, in this moment, we have a unique opportunity to identify and set our intention about this endeavor and to prepare for the ultimate fate that awaits us.

no one wants to be denied anything, whether it's asking someone out for the first time, asking to borrow your parents car, applying for a loan to start a business, or asking for help in general. Usually when we ask for something, it's because we really want it, or think we do... Rarely, we have an opportunity such as this, to have to put together an educated proposal, to have to wait patiently in the space of our own intense anticipation, and to wait weeks before we have an answer. In this time we have been able to really contemplate our motives.

Why do we want to own a restaurant?

Why do we think our business idea will be successful?

How do we really know that this will be a prosperous endeavor?

It seems that most everyone is aware of the hardships and peril most restaurants face, so why should we consider our business idea more likely to succeed than statistics?

In this waiting place, we can look directly at these questions while reaching deep within ourselves touching on our own wells of trust and to look closely at what we REALLY are asking for;

to live in prosperity

a space and the time to express ourselves creatively

work that keeps us connected to the greater good of our families, our communities and to our earth

an opportunity to invest in our futures

So, if tomorrow we find that our loan has been approved or denied,

celebrations are in order because no matter what,

we believe in kismet (fate).

stay posted!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

KISMET: Fate; meant to be; the full circle of good intentions; good Karma
We, Alanna Dorf and Crystal Maderia are the excited visionaries of Kismet, a new restaurant planned to open in November, 2006 in Montpelier Vermont.

8 long months of brainstorming, writing, research and planning has brought us to the count-down of business ownership! At last, the loan application is in, so it is just one week before we get to celebrate (we hope) and launch into full-scale renovations, cleaning, organizing,and managing of our dream. Dedicated to the ethics of responsible consumerism, Kismet will offer intentionally delicious foods created with the best ingredients. Whether we have grown them ourselves, or come to know the farmers who did, ingredients are those that are sustainably raised, harvested, and purchased in an effort to connect food producers with consumers through inspired food and plates with peace in mind.

Kismet will offer

breakfast and brunch
Wednesday through Sunday 7:30am-3:00pm
including fresh seasonal juice, gluten and dairy-free baked goods, artisan meats and cheeses as well as the freshest local eggs and vegetables we can find.

Soon, Take-out meals will be available in the evenings,
featuring ethnic cuisines prepared in harmony with the rhythms of the seasons and highlighting artisan ingredients.
Each week, new meals will be offered and available in single and family servings.

Save this site to your favorites and check for weekly menu updates.

Corporate Accounts and Catering Services are our UNIQUE SPECIALTY.
Let Kismet impress your clients, family and friends with our presentation and knowledge of food.

Instructional Classes
Dedicated to the latest food trends, special diets and culinary topics, classes will be offered this fall upon opening.
save this site to your favorites for the class schedule to be posted soon.

classes include:
gluten free baking for the holidays

sourcing, ordering, and cooking local organic meat; for newly transitioned and seasoned meat eaters alike.

Cooking for Winter Wellness, a series dedicated to deeply nourishing meals for winter wellness.

Spring Broths and Wild Edible Tonics

Throughout the day, stop in for fresh fruit or vegetable juice, specialty pastry, organic coffee, or handmade chocolates and truffles.
Personalized Gift baskets, gift meals and gift certificates are also available to celebrate friends and family with the gift of exquisitely good food.

Thank you for your support,
and please feel free to contact us with questions, requests, or if you have any trouble using this blog.

to leave us a comment,
click on the comments link below, type your comment and your name.
you can publish the comment by hitting the anonymous button if you do not have a blogger account.