Saturday, February 21, 2009


This weekend, I am offering two specials in honor of my grandmother
(we call her ne-ne), whose funeral i attended this week. My grandmother who lived in Pawcatuck CT near mystic and stonington, is part of a very large italian and portugese family, and many are fisherman, so I knew I could get something fresh. Unfortunately my wee little ne-ne (she was only 4'7" tall), was not known as being a gourmet- so, when I went to my aunt patty's fish shop in westerly, and asked for ne-ne's favorites, I new I was going to have to get creative. I did not leave the fish shop with a few dozen live lobster, I did leave the shop with a dozen stuffed scallops and a pile of finnan haddie. My grandmother loved the stuffed scallops (scallop shells filled with a breadcrumb mixture of shrimp, crab and scallops meat) baked as is, but today's benediction will feature the scallops topped with poached eggs and hollendaise and served with a salad or our classic local roots.

The finnanhaddie is a smoked haddock originally from scotlland, but a classic in many a cream sauce and chowder recipes from my home town. Today I will feature it in an omelette with pea tendrils, tomato, chevre and raw milk cheddar.

i dont really get out of town very often, so even though this trip was sort of last minute and in the midst of other dramas- i did appreciate the opportunity to get to re-unite with my family and.. to see the ocean!