Sunday, October 31, 2010


the day started - i was well rested- but, man, it was cold as i walked my way down the block to kismet on barre st.. a walk i have done nearly every morning for the last 4+ years... i opened the restaurant with robert as i usually do on sunday mornings- this time aware that it would be a long time until i will feel as comfortable.. this space has become an extension of me, and is my home in any ways.. my children have been growing up here- i have grown up here.. but alas; the space is just too small, and it is time to move on.. am i sad? not really.. am i excited? sort of... but very much nostalgic and IN IT..
for the next three weeks, this space will undergo a transformation for SALT and i will be in my new space organizing and taking great measures to ready it for another series of years of BRUNCH..

deep breaths... remembering this space.. all that has happened here. the times alone, the times full, the times i just watched..
the beginning days of cleaning and building and painting- i was so lucky, esme jumping in whenever she could before VENUS and lindsay painting the name on the door, and damian's craft put to use, all of the folks who scrubbed and scoured and helped with joy and excitement.. alexis & raina were our first waitresses, and they have both since moved on- raina still watching and encouraging me, alexis also cheering kismet on, but also kismet cheers her on in her college studies.. they were both so young and it was all so different then. Alanna too has moved on, and i am thinking of her now too. thinking of us in this space in the first few years. we laughed and cried, and pained with each other. this space has been a place of growing and of working- to be and get to the places we all want to go.

thank you to all of you who have fill this space and my heart with joy- with encouragement- with pride- and with love. I have loved sharing this space and hope that our new space will be as loved as this has been.

i will walk around one more time, and say goodbye for now.. xxoo