Saturday, October 02, 2010

october 1st... moving

last night I left kismet at midnight, after a long day of drowsy darkness and entered into the warmth of hurricane weather- 85 & windy… i felt that air- felt the energy in it- and all of a sudden realized that it was the last heat of summer blowing around and through me.. i left- sweaty from the kitchen oven- and drove out to the sandpit in east montpelier for an end of summer swim… i was shaking with cold when i got there- but also maybe shaking too from the anxiety of these last few weeks- and i dove in- ooh so cold at first- but then magnificently perfect and gentle and familiar all at once== exactly what i was needing… then it was raining, and 12:30 am- and i knew i had to get home to sleep for the day that was awaiting me.. summer is over, & sure enough- this day arrived at 6:30 am- and i woke to a room full of autumn; all cozy and warm and safe- and faced the obligatory duty of extracting myself from that cacoon so that i could be on time and present with all awaiting me.
this day brought croissants at birch grove bakery before 8 am..
this day brought the job of carrying my laptop from place to place, meeting to meeting..
this day brought 2 dozen phone calls i could not answer..
this day brought renovation plans, meetings, lawyers, chiropractics, rainy jaunts, paint samples, furniture moving, window covering, box collecting, box filling, box moving, and then= ended in the kitchen, cooking lasagna..
and tomorrow?
brunch on barre street, again, but for one of the last times…..