Sunday, October 03, 2010


huff & puff…
that's what the winter winds threaten to do= blow your house down..
& at the same time, it is what we do when we are working hard to keep hour homes up right… huff and puff…
it's what i did as a child when i was scolded… all the way to my room, or the woods beyond my house… huff & puff..
it's what we do when we try to get a fire going.. when we pace our driveway to cary & stack wood…
it is often how we relate to our children-- they huff & puff when they are on the edge of conflict and surrender… it is a term we use with both lightness and sarcasm as well as a primitive descriptive term…

it is midnight, & im making oeuf et bouffée.. (huff & puffy)
for you.

well- for all of us really.

chicken & duck liver pate with garden herbs in puff pastry with wild mushroom duxelles and poached egg.
served with salad..