Thursday, November 25, 2010

thinking of you

As millions across the country center themselves around one of the most notorious meals of the year, I stand alone in the new kismet kitchen and prepare food for what will become kismet's next era.

For the last 3 months, I have been completely consumed with this transition. My whole life, most of my thoughts, all of my relationships, and every moment has been about kismet, about the details of the new space, the new menus, new employees, new systems, and new responsibilities.. Being in it has been overwhelming, and I have watched myself go through layer after layer of emotion and internal reflection- Fear, anxiety, doubt, denial, distress, excitement, anticipation, confusion, frustration, elation, -- all of it has cycled through my veins.
Today Is the first and last quiet day here for a while- I have enough prep work for a full day for 5 people to do, but I am thankful to be in this space with myself. I havent cooked in so long! The pots and pans are out of the basement, cleaned, and yearning to be used, for the hands to be held, and the centers to be filled. I have food in the pantry and walk-in- a collection of assorted beets from allen up the road, 200 pounds of jim markle's potatoes, pork and poultry from art, a whole collection of greens, herbs, and leaves from all around central vermont. ahh... the smell of something fresh and alive- much different than the smell of paint, harsh chemical cleaners and glue...

so, if I get everything done... we will be open tomorrow night at 6pm for a little cocktail party... and YOU'RE INVITED...
then, saturday will be the premier of the all day kismet on main street movie.... hope to see you there. xxoo