Saturday, November 27, 2010

another day

I wish that there was enough time to articulate all that has happened today- I wanted to make sure that before i went to bed I (at least tried) to outline this day's flow... amazing. what an amazing day..

let's start with MORNING
.. morning came while i was still working in night mode. deliveries, dawn, rawness within me..
- slept in the dining room for an hour, and met the staff as they trickled in a few minutes later...
- dining room A MESS
- systems all in my head.. (not on paper... oops)
-no menu
- no tables
- no sleep...

time went by so fast.. noon... 2... 3... will we open on time...

or will we.?

well. we did.

see youwhen we see you, we are open now.. xxxooo