Saturday, December 04, 2010

and suddenly everything is different now.

so much has changed in the last month. kismet has claimed new boundaries. we have given ourselves the opportunity to start again. so much work and effort has been applied. so much thought and care has been infused to each and every detail... after one week, i am so ecstatic, overwhelmed with joy, and relieved, to know that each and every person involved has contributed their best and most.. it is more than i could have asked for..

this week has been interesting & amazing- once we took the paper down, it was as if we were suddenly transported to another place in time.. DOWNTOWN! there has been lots of learning to be had.. downtown at 7 :30 am... downtown at noon... downtown at 3:30 pm, downtown at dinner.... downtown at 1:30 am... I am watching and learning it all.. mesmerized ..

thank you montpelier for having us.. xxoo

would you like to know our new hours?
tuesday through saturday we open at 7:30 am.. thursday through saturday we serve dinner and close at midnight. sunday brunch 9-2.

see you soon.