Friday, August 29, 2008

slow and dreamy

slowing down to enjoy the end of summer-- yes it's true, it's the end of summer- and anticipating the nostalgia of autumn. bushels of corn by the back door- a case of green beans...lots of tomatoes and ... HOORAYYYYY---blueberries still!

these last few days at kismet have been slow and dreamy- sunny and cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon- and few customers.. we dont mind though- we've been chatting and catching up and looking at cookbooks and eating!!

today i am enjoying a bowl of black beans, simple, subtly spiced, and with just a bit of raw milk cheddar- yumm.

special today:

wanna join my club?


local free range chicken breast, organic local bacon (stuck in the fridge last night by art-our ham man), local tomato, local (get the idea?) greens, fresh local pesto, chevre (yes..local too!)- you know, all the good stuff- served on a toasted and layered artisan roll by la strata bakery.