Thursday, September 04, 2008


lots of very ripe tomatoes
rotting fruit and lots of empty mason jars
ideas overflowing \that when left for too long
or with too many commitments
like the maggots out of the compost..
tried to do too much today.
tried and tried
and screamed and cried..
customers who say thankyou
but wih worried eyes..
as if they are apologizing for my tired body that serves them.

i am not a machanic.
nor am i a machine.

i am an artist
trying to make good of
perfect potatoes
okra longer than ive ever seen it (even in mississippi)

but i am a lover too
needing love and needing to make love within still moments.

i tried to fix the espresso machine today.. tomorrow i will call a mechanic
and instead of yelling at the dishwasher i will
steal her away
and make her smile true

i want to tell everyone how thankful i am and
still how hard we are working to
do our best
be good
and thrive in this abundance
and complement eachother.
if you see me-
and do good work.
feed hungry children
help a farmer
be open minded
love abundanty
but lets all help eachother to know when to surender to the
when to stop and be still
to let go of the fear that there wont be enough
to enjoy all that we have had
and to not wallow in what could have been.

i love kismet
the truth that all the hard work does not go forgotten.
that if we work hard we hill be given treats and favors.
i love seeing myself here-
but honestly i am still learning
and often i do not feel like i am enough.
tonight- after a very long week- i will go home and work on that.
and rise
to that
and meet you in that