Thursday, August 07, 2008

middle of summer- still raining

we're back after having taken a week off-

and we've jumped right back into things- weddings, the end of summer vacation for our kids and the restaurant.. oh- and the green beans, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, broccoli, blueberries, blackberries, and all of the other little garden treasures flooding our kitchen right now. Today- still rain though- so we have fresh tomato soup with basil aioli and grilled cheese on olive focaccia, and polenta dishes piled high with the whole assortment of vegetables delivered from the local farmers.. we are doing all this- all of us- working, cooking, eating, going on and on trying to do our best but still aware of the coming seasons, the gas prices, the potential costs of sticking around here this winter.. it's been cloudy, the chickens are laying less, the melons just aren't ripening, and the lettuce greens have been beaten and blown and even though it's been a good berry year, few can really enjoy it when the cost of a pint is right around $5.00. We're here in that too- encouraging our farmers, making the most with what there is, and trying to manipulate the expenses so that everyone (even our customers) are able to profit even just a little. The calender urges us to celebrate the summer- keep the swimsuit nearby, the charcoal int he back of the care --just in case-, but around here we are all talking alot about the REAL COST of this year, this place (vermont), and our individual preparations to endure it all. In an effort to support our local economy and the health of our community, we are continuing to strengthen our commitment to source as much local food as we can-- it is LOCALVORE month by the way- and want to encourage you to think about things you could grow or forage that we may want to buy-- like micro greens (those baby broccoli, basil, and sage mixes are really good, and sunflower greens are really easy to grow), home-made jam, pickles (i love pickled carrots!, pickled beets etc..), potatoes, garlic, shallots (these are all really easy to grow around your yard and make nice easy lawn perimeters). Or maybe think about planting some peach or plum or apple trees, berry bushes or even grapes (we will buy what you have at market price).
i'm rambling and i have to get back in the kitchen. come see us soon- or send us your comments of ways we can serve you (or how you can help us serve you).