Tuesday, October 20, 2009


tonight Mathew (of the black door bistro) and I served our final dinner in the three season tasting menu-
serving this dinner in this time (a bit early, maybe for winter, though it does kind of feel like winter already, and often does this time of year), was a bit of an adventure- we both wanted the menu to be an expression of what we both felt most exciting about winter, while also acknowledging the depth, darkness & simplicity of the season.. I wanted to start by a fire, and we did, with whiskey and apple donut fritters- and we wanted the courses to be full filling- filling- and with the expression of simplicity.
Unfortunately, just a week before the dinner, I was notified that my very close friend was suddenly loosing her battle with brain cancer- in this last week i spent many hours with her, and asked Mathew to be prepared to serve the meal on his own.. In many ways, I feel like these last ten days & this dinner too- have been an opportunity for me to fully and completely experience the truth of the season. The depth of winter is so true and absolute- especially here- and we have only the very simplest of things to get us through- and then we do- and suddenly there is spring.....again.
For now,
we have this-
WINTER looming and yet familiar- we have celeriac and beets and carrots- we have the pot Au feu, - the "pot on the fire"... and that we have each other (even though the other may seem a bit distant they are there, believe me)...
Don't Forget-
don't forget to get together- cook gratin- make winter salads- learn new things- and be silent sometimes.

spring will come-

& in the meantime-
we're here-
see you soon.