Friday, June 03, 2011

love kismet

gifts/items we hope you will love:

urban moonshine gift basket
10 lbs raw local honey
capitol kitchen gift basket
skooter & toys from woodbury mountain
plan starts from cate farm
dress from cheshire cat
photography from heather grey
bicycle from cosmic wheels
2 workshops guided by william rike-jones
jewelry from ginny sassaman and lochlin smith
summer outfit from salaam
a $1400 gift certificate for wedding photography by jordan silverman
original artwoork by several local artists
gift certificates from positive pie
assorted organic wines
organic tequila, gin, rum, mead

-- The last few days have been so intense.. we have raised nearly $35,000 dollars in just three days, and been able to organize and assemble what could be our last fundraising event for the flood relief of kismet. Walking around the streets, people have stopped me to ask how I am doing, or to give me words of encouragement- and I have to say that I have never felt so vulnerable- There have been moments when I have wanted to give up- when the task felt to large-out of control- or unrealistic- and almost suddenly, as if I had been touched on the shoulder by an angel, I was being given some huge gift of support and reminded to keep moving forward. One of the largest gifts of this week, is to focus on doing what i know how to do while asking for guidance for the things i want to do better. My staff has been amazing- though they are all nervous and emotional themselves- as we all contemplate the future of the restaurant.
Honestly, I really cant wait for this part to be over- I have done fundraising before for other causes- and been so excited in the task of helping others reach their goals- it has been a completely different experience fundraising for my own business- especially after all the support we asked for (and received) just a few months ago when we moved kismet to state street. I wish that our situation was different, as I know there are many others who need support right now- and really cant wait to be in the position to raise the funds that others are needing to get their homes and farms in order again. soon-- soon we will be there...
thank you to everyone who has sent money, flowers, kisses and hugs- and thank you to all of you who have wished and prayed for kismet-- just one more day to go-

you can still donate on our secure (& refundable) paypal account. pass this to everyone you know--

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