Wednesday, December 23, 2009

its late-
it's nearly the new year--
  • 10 years since the millennium fury,
  • 20 years since i was 13 (which is clear as a bell-),
  • 28 years since prince sang 1999,
  • and 30 years since i was 3...
to be three...
kismet turned 3 on Monday (solstice)
to think,
that this is actually my fourth winter there (at kismet)--
i remember three winters passing,
and can see myself
looking out of the back door at the snow piling up each time..
and i wonder-
am i growing?
does me staying here (the longest i have stayed anywhere)
mean me growing wiser, or me growing stagnant?
maybe if i stay put i will find out???
our should i lean and reach and stand up walking some place further?
-i crave evolution
i want so much more than the face value of all of this...
i want the puzzle to come together.
i want the work, the strive, the hunt and find-
and i want to capture all of it-
like a flower press,
like a water color,
like a classic recipe,
like a song in three part round harmony,
and i want to fit in in in in...
new year.
same me
i'll wait and see....