Tuesday, June 16, 2009

good to be home

i first returned to my home in vermont in 1998- it was beautiful and the same as i remembered it (a bit smaller i guess-- but i had grown!)- and fit so snuggly around me-
i slept in my old room- after being away from it for 7 years- & it felt ancient and historical and mystical--and secret- i was alone there, and it was perfect...
this was the last real time i have ever had alone-- and that was 11 years ago-
my oldest son MOSES is 10 today...and kismet is in the midst of wedding season, and i also have celebrated my own (32nd) birthday-- I wanted to find words for all of this put together, but will inevitably do so in your menus for this week-
in the meantime--
read this: a story of a girl i connect with
tell me what you think--
and ill see you soon!