Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hooray for autumn harvests!

Hooray for These Beautiful Autumn Days!

as the weather outside glides in and out of mini heat waves, breezy storms, and damp coolness, inside Kismet we are celebrating autumn! It seems like everything is in season right now, so we have been playing with lots of gorgeous colors, crisp fresh vegetables, and have been enjoying the most amazing flavors. Just the other day we were given a box of acorn squach still warm from the sun because they were JUST PICKED like and hour before! The tomatoes from Cate Farm are so incredibley perfect and juicy, it's amazing! The other day I came into the restaurant as Alanna was roasting dandelion root from Cate Farm and the smell was so intoxicating and re-assuring. Dandelion root smells like a mixture of dirt and caramel, and as it roasts it fills the whole room with a smell that totally calms and excites me at the same time. As the weather cools a bit, smells become very nostalgic. Last sunday everyone who walked in noted the smell in kismet (i was cooking bacon from Winding Brook Farm) and everyone seemed comforted and appetized by this familiar morning smell- and even the vegetarians amungst us noted the calming feeling they felt and the memories that came with th And it seems as summer begins to wane, everyone is comming together with hunger for eachother and with a real want to re-connect and nourish eachother after another busy Vermont Summer.

Hope to see you soon!